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Why Pink Is A Great Role Model

Just when I thought I couldn't love Pink anymore she pulls out a speech at the VMA's that has stuck with me and I replay it every now and again to remind myself and my kids to be true to themselves.

Here it is, if you haven't seen it and I hope it has the same impact on you as it did me. It is moving, inspiring, thought provoking, encouraging, empowering, you name is truly amazing and so is she.

Video Credit - MTV YouTube

Why I love her and think she is an incredible role model

She encourages individuality and runs her own race. She believes in celebrating uniqueness and being your true, authentic self.

"Embrace the freak that you are"


Pink doesn't take herself too seriously and knows how to laugh at herself and have fun.

Despite all she has achieved she is constantly goal setting. Pink is mentally and physically strong. She sets goals and achieves them, as proven with her incredible aerial skills at her concerts, her ability to learn piano and guitar after having already achieved stardom.

Pink has a very healthy attitude towards body image and views on beauty. She doesn't feel pressure to look a certain way or be a certain weight. She is committed to feeling joy, she feels beautiful when she is happy. She doesn't feel compelled to lose weight based on media and public opinions.

She expresses sincere gratitude for all that she has and her fans. She exudes happiness and that she is truly grateful for her husband, children and the life she has.

She believes in the importance of girls showing their intelligence and not dumbing themselves down for men. Her song "Stupid Girls" conveys a message that girls should learn to respect themselves and not to conform to how society believes a girl should act or look to feel accepted.

Now imagine a world if all women were inspired and motivated by this concept and and had the freedom to live a life that they've created for themselves and one of true happiness.

One day...maybe one day.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


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