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Image by Luke Porter

If only she knew how amazing
she is.

 Do you wish your daughter could see what you see in her? 


That she is capable of so much more than she realises?  Would you like her to stop scrolling, look around at her opportunities and embrace who she is? 

Let's show her how amazing she is.  

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

Do you get frustrated that your daughter doesn't seem to care much about anything other than what is on social media and what her peers think?

Would you like her to see her potential and take more interest in her health, school, family and overall wellbeing?


Is self-doubt, poor time management, low energy her obstacles?  

Would you like to see her comfortable in her own skin and living her best life?

Our Wellness Program will help her gain confidence, become more self-assured and start using her time wisely towards her personal goals.  She will become clear, focused, organised, healthy, happy and thriving.  

Natalie Procter is a Certified Life and Mindset Coach with over 10 years experience.  She initially started her coaching journey coaching mums as she navigated her own way through those challenging years of juggling 3 young children while still trying to prioritise her own wellbeing (and sanity)and wanted to help other mums.

As her children grew and entered their teenage years, she could see the importance of teen girls developing a high level of self-worth, particularly with so much influence from social media and unkindness of others. 

Over many conversations about friendships, self-doubt, good and bad habits, social media and resilience, Natalie realised that she could use her knowledge and coaching experience to help other teen girls, not just her own and Chilled Out Mamas evolved into Chilled Out Chicks and Natalie's Wellness Program was born.

Chilled Out Chicks Wellness Program empowers and encourages teenage girls to become the best version of themselves.

Natalie's warmth and light-hearted approach to self discovery and self improvement enables teen girls to address their fears, doubts, self-worth, mindset, wellness and health in a relaxed and friendly setting.

The program will give your daughter the tools and resources to create a new mindset and habits so that her confidence and self-esteem will grow and she will finally see how amazing she actually is!

"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself" (my favourite quote) Nat xx

Image by Tanya Trukyr

Wellness Program Includes:


  • A 1 hour online consultation and coaching session when a personalised action plan is created for her to make positive changes and habits that will build her confidence, self worth and wellness.

  • Her strengths and weaknesses are identified and she will gain clarity and confidence in her abilities, learn effective strategies for overcoming fears and challenges, and develop a deeper understanding of herself and what is important to her.

  • Each week for 6 weeks she will receive content to encourage her to stay on track and keep up momentum. All content is specifically created to assist her with her personal growth and wellness (worksheets, routines, wellbeing recipes, mindfulness activities).

  • Content includes:

    • Developing a good sense of self-awareness & self-worth,

    • What drives her and ignites passion,

    • Letting go of limiting beliefs,

    • Becoming authentic and self-accepting,

    • Taking a calm and confident approach to challenges,

    • Acknowledging and facing fears,

    • Learning to focus on the positive,

    • Creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle,

    • The importance of self-care,

    • Beating procrastination and distraction,

    • Setting intentions and achieving goals.

  • If she feels stuck, has a lapse in motivation or has any questions, email support is available to encourage her and get her moving again 

  • Online review session on completion of program.

    So, are you ready to watch her find her power and realise she had it all along?

Our Mission

We are passionate about empowering teenage girls to work towards their happiness. 

When you are happy, we are happy. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeeding and achieving. 

We love seeing you thrive, being yourself, loving the skin you are in and radiating on a natural high because you are achieving your goals and living your best life.

Image by Melissa Askew
  • Wellness Program

    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Online consultation and goal setting session
    • Unlimited email support for duration of program
    • Access to all content & resources of program
    • Online review session on completion of program
  • Single Session

    A continuation from Wellness Program or one-off session
    • 1 hour online wellness and goal setting consultation
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